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Teeth Whitening

Professional Tooth Whitening in Burlington with Cornerstone Dental

We recommend that our patients in Burlington seeking tooth whitening treatments consult with a dentist first about the cause of their teeth discolouration. Whitening is a simple solution to a whiter and brighter smile. Our Burlington dental office offers a variety of different whitening choices including laser whitening and take home Zoom whitening kits.

Did you know that teeth aren’t naturally pure white? Most teeth fall within a range of light grey and yellow shades. Teeth also darken naturally as you age and our perception of people’s teeth is strongly influenced by the person’s skin tone and make-up. Certain foods and drinks, along with tobacco smoking, can also influence the colour of one’s teeth.

However, we recognize that many Canadians still want a whiter, brighter smile, and we have techniques for that here at Cornerstone Dental if you are looking for tooth whitening solutions in Burlington and the surrounding areas.

Teeth Whitening with Laser

Laser-assisted teeth whitening offers several advantages for individuals looking to enhance the brightness of their smiles. Here are the key advantages of laser-assisted teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide:

1. Faster Results

Laser-assisted teeth whitening accelerates the chemical reaction of the whitening agent (such as hydrogen peroxide), leading to faster and more noticeable results. The laser energy activates the whitening agent, allowing it to work more efficiently and effectively.

2. Deeper Whitening

The combination of laser energy and hydrogen peroxide can penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel, effectively targeting stubborn stains and discolorations. This results in a more thorough and uniform whitening of the teeth.

3. Customized Treatment

Our dentists can adjust the intensity of the laser and the concentration of the whitening agent based on your specific needs and the level of discoloration. This allows for a customized and tailored approach to teeth whitening, ensuring optimal results for each individual.

4. Reduced Sensitivity

Laser-assisted whitening often causes less tooth sensitivity compared to some traditional whitening methods. The controlled application of laser energy helps minimize discomfort during and after the procedure.

5. Longer Lasting Results

The deep and thorough whitening achieved through laser-assisted techniques can lead to longer-lasting results. With proper oral hygiene and maintenance, the effects of laser-assisted teeth whitening can be preserved for an extended period.

6. Safe & Non-Invasive

Laser-assisted teeth whitening is a safe and non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure. The process does not require any surgery or drilling, making it a comfortable and straightforward option for patients seeking a brighter smile.

7. Boosts Confidence

A brighter, whiter smile can significantly boost an individual's confidence and self-esteem. Laser-assisted teeth whitening provides quick and noticeable results, leading to an improved appearance and increased confidence in social and professional settings.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom DayWhite is a professional teeth whitening treatment that you can use at home. It involves a special whitening gel and customized trays to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile. It is a more economical option compared to the laser procedure.

1. Dental Examination

Visit our Burlington dental office for a comprehensive dental examination to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for teeth whitening.

2. Custom Tray Creation

Our Burlington dentists will take digital impressions of your teeth to create custom-fit whitening trays. These trays are essential for an even application of the whitening gel and to minimize contact with your gums.

3. Procedure

We will provide you with the Zoom DayWhite kit, which typically includes syringes of whitening gel and the custom-fit trays. During that time the dentist will explain how to use the whitening kit.

4. Post-Whitening Care & Follow-Up

Depending on your desired level of whitening, our dentists might recommend using the Zoom DayWhite kit for several days or weeks. Attend regular dental check-ups to monitor your oral health and discuss any concerns related to teeth whitening with your Burlindentist.

Some people may choose to use surface whitening products. These often exist within toothpastes and chewing gums, and are special abrasives that increase efficiency in removing surface stains. However, please note that products like these are often cosmetically designed to remove surface stains and should not be used as substitutes for professional dental cleaning.

Have questions about tooth whitening? Our Burlington clinic staff is happy to serve you! Don’t forget to call us today to book an appointment as well.

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