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Find Mouthguards at Burlington’s Cornerstone Dental

Taking care of your teeth is not limited to flossing and brushing them every day. Athletes today are highly trained and aware of the need to protect themselves against injury. The use of a mouth guard while participating in a sport is of great benefit to the athlete. Not only does it protect the teeth from injury but also the surrounding structures such as jaw joint, teeth, and tongue. It has been documented that mouth guards reduce the severity of concussion if wore while playing.

Life is full of rough and tumble, so it’s important to keep your teeth safe! Getting your teeth knocked out is not only painful; you may permanently lose a tooth that you’ll have to replace with a prosthetic, a treatment that can get expensive. At Cornerstone Dental, we can provide information and services related to finding the right mouthguard in Burlington.

In dentistry, there are generally three types of mouthguards:

  • Stock: inexpensive and pre-sculpted, these are an accessible form of protection but may cause breathing and speaking difficulties

  • Custom-fitted: the most expensive option, these are custom-formed by your dentist, and are the most comfortable since they fit your mouth

  • Boil and bite: found commonly in athletic stores, you have to soften these in hot water first so they can more easily shape themselves around your mouth

boy putting green mouthguard in mouth

For more information, contact us at Cornerstone Dental in Burlington for mouthguard information and more details on oral safety. Our office can fabricate your custom mouth guard in house and have it ready for your use in a short period of time.

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