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Digital Impressions

Reduced Discomfort with Digital Dental Impressions in Burlington

If you are like many of our patients in Burlington, getting dental impressions done brings on feelings of dread and discomfort. Indeed, asking patients to bite down on a glob of putty to take an impression for fittings can induce feelings of choking and gagging – unpleasant for you and your dentist! You may be happy to know, however, that having goop stuffed in your mouth is no longer the only option to take a dental impression. Nowadays in modern dentistry, we have a high-tech, digital option that greatly reduces potential discomfort.

During a digital dental impression, our Burlington clinic technicians will apply a light layer of reflective material onto your tooth surface. Next, we will use a scanning wand connected to a computer to scan the topography of your teeth. The computer will then generate a 3D image. This digital method of making impressions has a record of being accurate, efficient, and perhaps most important of all, a lot more comfortable for everyone involved. Patients no longer have to be anxious about choking and gagging, and dentists can get an almost instantaneous assessment of the fitting. Digital dental impressions are now used to fit patients with orthodontic, restorative, and cosmetic devices like crownsveneers, and fillings.

If you would like more information on this exciting technology, ask our team at Cornerstone Dental in Burlington about digital dental impressions. We would be happy to provide you additional details so your next visit to the dentist is a more pleasant one.

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